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Offer component #4:

Offer creation pt. 1

Your offer might not be converting because what you’re offering it’s not solving their actual problem.

This is one of the key points where people will market they are solving a problem, but they are not actually solving the problem… with the way they are providing their fulfillment.

Here’s how to solve their problem.

1.) Identify dream outcome

2.) List out all the perceived problems― not only the problems, but the perceived problems as well that are coming up

3.) Turn all problems into solutions― that we’re gonna solve every single one of them, which basically it eliminates all ways of failure for our client

Offer creation pt. 2 will be actually packaging that into a delivery system.

For now, let’s go into…

Identify Their Dream Outcome

So, you remember the little graphic we had about identifying their dream outcome… the idea here is that we want to make:

their time period as easy as possible to travel from the point they are right now ⇾ to the point where they want to be

and have their dream outcome as specific as humanly possible

What’s the formula?

XXX specific outcome in YYY time period
without biggest pain / fear

That’s how we are deconstructing the value. We have to think… this is the value that they want: “they want to lose 10 kg in 6 weeks without any risk.”

To take it to the next level, we can introduce the avatar in the beginning of the formula.

“We help moms with over 3 kids lose weight within 6 months without having to go to the gym or change what their family is eating.” [or whatever their biggest fear is]

This is why sometimes is useful to be the avatar…

So, one of the best things a lot of entrepreneurs do, an easy recipe for success: solving problems that you already solved for yourself.

Which is a classical entrepreneurial journey.

We usually suffer with something, we have the desire to solve our problem, we solve it…

…and then we see other people just like us, who struggle the same way, and we want to help them because we have already done it.

You can always analyze and identify markets― but if you’re starting out, the classical entrepreneurial journey is one of the easiest recipe for success, because you understand the problem so well!

So, the first step for creating your offer is: we have to know what we’re actually solving.

That’s obvious. And right now, if you really don’t know what that is…

You must write this down, because if you can’t articulate it:

“Then how can you help anyone?”


List Their Problems
(Perceived & Real)

So, what are the things that are preventing them from getting to where they want to go?

What is every single intricate step they’re going to have to do / take in order to see success with our product.

If we’re keep using the weight loss as an example, because it’s simple and everyone understands it, we have:

…grocery shopping
…packing/unpacking the food
…cook the food
…meal prep
…eat the food
…cleaning dishes
…feeding family
…eat out

So there are all these problems that are getting in the way… step-by-step-by-step that someone has to do in order to be successful when they change in the way they eat.

Each of these “issues” has ‘flavors’ of problems when you… reverse the value equation.

Each problem has multiple components to it; which for us as entrepreneurs is beautiful because it gives endless opportunities to solve problems.

Because that’s what we do… We solve problems.

This is what entrepreneurs are― problem solvers.

Now… understanding nuances of languages and though patterns, it’s important.

So, if you took the value equation, and you reverse that.

When they say…

 “grocery shopping is my problem”

They are thinking multiple things are the problem:

1.) …it’s not worth it
Dream outcome ⇾ it’s not worth it.

2.) …it won’t work for me specifically
…won’t be able to stick with it
…too many stores
…too far

These are all excuses for…

Likelihood of achievement
…it won’t work for me specifically
…won’t be able to stick with it
…too many stores
…too far
…external factors will get in my way (this is the unique and specific outcomes that will be specific to your service in your niche)

Understanding the external factor in your niche will put you years ahead of your competition, if you’re able to solve it for your clients when buying your offer.

3.) …too hard
…too confusing
…it won’t be enjoyable
…I will be bad at it

These are all the thoughts your prospects are thinking about. They are thinking this will be a lot of effort and sacrifice.

Effort & Sacrifice
…too hard
…too confusing
…it won’t be enjoyable
…I will be bad at it

4.) …will take too long to do it
…it won’t be convenient for me
…(the outcome) will take to long

…this will take too much time to happen
…this will take too much time to do
…it won’t be convenient for me

Your goal: how you can make it easy, simple to understand, fun, how to make it to feel like they are actually good at it― when they buy your offer.

These are all things that can change in your prospect’s perception based on how we communicate to them.

All right. If you remember, we had:

…grocery shopping
…packing/unpacking the food
…cook the food
…meal prep
…eat the food
…cleaning dishes
…feeding family
…eat out

For each of them, your prospects are going to think about the 4 factors of value.

And each one can have 5+ problems ⇾ “external factors”

⇒ hard, time-consuming, take too long, won’t work for me, not sustainable.

We want to solve each one of these problems for each of these “external factors” and things that are going to get in the way of their success.

The beautiful part about all this is that it gives the entrepreneurs so many opportunities to solve problems and provide value.

Hopefully your mind is racing with ways that you’re currently not solving problems that you CAN… and by doing this you’ll be able to position yourself in a way that none else is positioning in the marketplace.

…because you’re gonna solve all these problems that no one else even talks about.

And by doing so, you’ll show that you understand your prospect’s problems better than anyone else. They will feel understood.

And as a result― increasing their conviction that (they think) you’re going to be able to solve their problem.

Take a minute to relax your mind… and continue.

Turn all problems into solutions

Problem: buying healthy food, grocery shopping.

What we’re going to do now is just an exercise of copy… reverse the things most people struggle with, and solve that problem. Communicate your solution to your prospects.

The communication needs to be simple, using words that your prospects understand!

In the next lesson, you’ll learn how to package and deliver this to them.

…it’s hard, confusing, I won’t like it, I will suck at it ⇾ How to make healthy food easy and enjoyable, so that anyone can do it (especially busy moms!)

…it takes too much time ⇾ how to buy healthy food quickly

…it’s expensive ⇾ how to buy healthy food for less than your current grocery bill

…it’s unsustainable ⇾ how to make buying healthy food take less effort than buying unhealthy food

***if it takes you less effort than your current thing does, then you’re going to always do the thing that take less effort to stick with. We always go to the path with the least resistance as humans. So, if I can make my solution less effort than buying the current things they are, then they’re going to be likely to stick with in the long run. And that’s something we’re going to communicate in our marketing and sales copy.

…is not my priority. My family’s needs will get in my way ⇾ how to buy healthy food for you and your family at the same time

…is undoable if I travel. I won’t know what to get ⇾ how to buy healthy food when traveling

Why do we have to think, say and communicate all these?

If you present to somebody your service or product, the thing is, every person has a handful of these challenges in their mind of reasons… you don’t know which one it is.

That’s why we have to solve all of them in order to increase the maximum likelihood of conversions for the offer.

So, now let’s see how you can actually distillate and stack all these together.

You're in!

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