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Value Prop.

So, it’s the holidays, and you have to explain to your grandma…

What your business does.

If she can understand it, you are a step ahead of the crowd.

But there is more to it, then just making people understand what you do.

Your goal is to get people from saying things like: “oh, that’s cool”


“tell me more about what you’re doing” with a brighter face and wider eyes.

When you nail down your value proposition, everything really becomes easier:

every cocktail party
meetup or event
customer interaction
your website copy
your email copy becomes clearer
the things you talk about on stage or webinars
your book

Everything becomes easier…

…because you’re able to tell people using simple words what you’re doing.

And more importantly, they get it.

Here’s how to create your value prop.

1.) ―identify an urgent and important problem that you’re solving. Be clear.

2.) ―what’s the risk / cost associated with the problem. Be clear.

How much does it cost them no to solve this problem?
What happens if they keep ignoring this problem?

3.) ―Now it’s where you get into what you do.

Don’t just start with features
Talk about benefits

You want to start with presenting the biggest benefits, and then followup with the features, if the customer is engaged and interested in your solution.

⚠️ As you can see, this is number 3. Usually we as entrepreneurs are so excited about our product / service / software that we put it as number 1. That’s a mistake.

Let’s see an example.

Product ― software for online entrepreneurs
Feature: We have a software that helps you add upsells, send emails automatically and create a referral program.

Benefit: Getting more sales and new clients, it’s a big challenge for every online entrepreneur. We built a software to help them triple their online sales and generate new clients without buying more ADS or changing their routine.

All of a sudden, you can see the value on adding upsells, send emails automatically and having a referral program.

4.) ―customer story / case study / results.

What actually happens when you show this problem to people… you highlight the costs… you tell them about the solution… and they said yes, what happened to them?

Whatever may be, you have to share the results they achieved.

You're in!

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