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IICP ― initial ideal client profile

The best entrepreneurs…

…know that in the early days you need to actually get supper specific to an ideal customer, you need to solve a very specific problem, and you need to do unscalable things to really get traction.

Here’s how to create your I-ICP.

1.) ―take some time to answer these 5 questions. (use your database of clients or just think about if you don’t have enough data)

• What is your dream customer list?

Think about 15 clients you’d like to work with on a daily basis. Remember, you’d be seeing these people more than your family and friends.

―doing this simple exercise, you’d be able to pattern recognize what makes these people similar.

• What is their job? Salary?

• What city they are based in?

• What kind of tools / apps they are using?

• What their ambitions are?

2.) ―choose 3 of these people by asking yourself the next question.

Who has the budget, and a more urgent and important problem?

3.) ―choose ONE ideal customer profile to start with. Once you get this segment working, then you can expand into others.

– – – – – – –
University students VS. Doctors

Very different ICP… they have different needs! ―they are part of different communities. They have different purchase power.

Having a clear I-ICP it’s critical for the success of any business…

…but also it’s important to have some profiles you say NO to.


NEXT ―let’s add these 2 secrets that some really smart people from Marketo used.

Marketo was bought by Abode for $4.75B.

So, it’s fair to say that they did some things right.

Triggers are things that are happening inside a company or a person’s personal life.


New leader
New job listings


Specific age

ICP #1 ―high growth technology companies. When they raise a round of financing, they would be building out their sales teams. And as part of that they would need to improve their efficiency of their sales people.

“Hey you just raised some funding, you’re gonna probably
expanding your sales efforts, let us help you.”

ICP #2 ―women with newborn child. Great time to have a conversation about possible workout routines. Their body changed dramatically.

“Hey you just got a baby, you’re gonna probably want to
get back your sexy body, let us help you.”

When you understand what are your client’s triggers, and you add them to your ideal customer profile, everything changes.

Macro Trends

These are things that are happening in the world.

Summer’s coming
Economic collapse

Example: It started in 2007 when all of a sudden, more and more people were buying iPhones.

People were stopping to use desk phones. So when you cold-call someone, it was harder and harder to get in touch with this person. Gatekeepers were protecting them.

Companies started to realize that email prospecting is more important than ever.

That is a Macro Trend.

And for email service providers, it would be much easier at THAT time to sell their solutions to businesses.

The ideal strategy is to combine:

…a Macro Trend that’s happening in the world


…a Trigger that’s happening in someone’s life

Best use of your IICP

1.) ―dream 100. Create strategic collaborations with other businesses.

The partner, it’s in the same industry as you and target the same customer.
 You are not offering the same service.
Your service is complementary.
Together, you help the customer achieve his goal much faster.

Scour the internet, scour data sources and build out your CRM and database with company info, roles, emails, phone numbers, and triggers

…you want to have a list of companies and people to actually go after.

That’s your game plan.

Give this list to the marketing team, sales team, or to yourself.

Now, you actually have something tangible ―an actual group of contacts to follow.

2.) ―numbers. Let’s create a report to track your past and future I-ICP activities.

*win rate = the percentage of closed sales deals
(Clients ÷ Leads) x 100 = win rate

*churn rate = the percentage rate at which customers stop paying
(Lost Customers ÷ Total Customers at the Start of Time Period) x 100 = churn rate

example: if your business had 250 customers at the beginning of the month and lost 10 customers by the end of the month, you would divide 10 by 250.

*LTV = the gross profit of a client
Customer Value x Average Lifespan = LTV

Customer Value = Average Purchase Value x Average Number of Purchases

*time = how much time it took to close the client

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